This position schedules and coordinates flow of work within or between departments of our manufacturing plant to expedite production.   Establishes priorities for specific customer orders and revises the schedule according to work order specifications.  Scheduler establishes priorities, availability, capability of workers, parts, materials, machines and equipment.  The Production Scheduler will monitor all incoming raw materials, all internal production and job completion, plus all incoming and outgoing secondary process shipments.  The Production Scheduler works closely with the Owner and the Department Managers to determine the most efficient manner to process jobs through the following departments: Saw, CNC Lathe, CNC Mill, Weld, Grinding, Deburr & Polish, Honing, Assembly, Prototype, and Outside Services.

The Production Scheduler also works closely with our customers to manage their needs and expedite production as necessary.  He or she should be capable of communicating easily and professionally with a full spectrum of customers and employees from company presidents to line workers.  A qualified candidate must be professional, highly logical, extremely organized, computer savvy, and should have the ability to significantly multi-task while maintaining a steady and positive attitude in the office and on the floor.

The ability to read engineering drawings and understand Bill of Materials would be helpful.  The Production Scheduler must be able to work well with others and coordinate effectively with all departments in the company.